Worlds Intertwined

Is he alright?
I'm genuinely concerned


After logging off and getting out of their pods, Keima, Blair, and Daniel once again hit the floor the minute they’re hearts stop. JK. That was just some LP thing. Getting back on track, clears throat…. Keima, Blair, and Daniel fall to the ground yet again, feeling weak, after they get out of their pods only to be helped by the Mario lookalike to the table where they had food rich in carbs and energy drinks to help them rejuvenate yet again. They go home and just go to sleep as they were all dead tired and bored even after the energizers. The next day, a familiar face shows up after a week of absence, Minato Hatake. During recess, Minato accidentally hit Daniel a bit too hard and sent him flying across the roof. This feat was possible only because of Minato’s bionic left arm which he tells about to his friends. After school, the four misfits yet again head to the center to play DSO. This time they were given a room on the 4th floor, 402.

Meet my friends!

Zeus has arrived!


Lowkey and Ephraim decide to log out after Ephraim’s talk with the hooded figure and head off to an inn nearby. Upon logging out, Keima and Blair feel entirely exhausted and fall to the floor immediately after getting out of their pods. The attendants of the room pick them up to put them on a chair and provide them with carbohydrates and energy drinks so that they may rejuvenate. They leave the center after they feel healthy enough and head home. On the way back, Keima gets to know that Blair’s parents were at his house and after a brief hi-hello talk they depart and head back to their own house. The next day Keima and Blair talk about their adventures in DSO to Daniel who regrets not being able to go so they decide to leave for the center right after lunch. Upon entering the center the receptionist gives them access to room 306 where they meet a person who looks very similar to Mario.

Pants off!

They enter the pods and jump in the game and immediately head for GS^2GA to get Adrian (Daniel) his starting equipment and leave immediately after shopping. Ephraim heads for the barracks and asks to meet Raktapor Azreen, which he is granted permission for, and tells him about the danger to his life. Raktapor replies that people have been telling him that for the past 2 years and someone has yet has to take his life though there were some who tried but they were swiftly dealt with. After hearing that, Ephraim leaves the barracks and searches for a quest they could do and finds 2 that seem of importance. The first quest was for searching for bandits in the nearby forest while the other one that needed help to safeguard shops as there were raider cases in the area. They decide to check out some shops after they close down for possible raiders. As the shops would close at roughly 10 the gang decides to log out one-by-one so that they could inform their parents that they’ll be late. When Ephraim logs out first, Lowkey decides to rush to the nearby stationary shop on a horse which he stealthily stole from a carriage to get some markers to use on the now limp-seemingly-dead body and draw some stuff. But sadly by the time Lowkey comes back, Ephraim came back online. Adrian logs out next and since Ephraim was with him, Lowkey was unable to draw anything with his newly bought marker. When it was Lowkey’s time to log out, Ephraim and Adrian decide to search him and see what he bought. They find the marker and realize his all-so-evil intentions for artistry and prop him up against a pillar and take off his pants. Lowkey logs in a couple of minutes after this and notices his pants missing. He shrugs it off thinking that it was a game bug.

Stop! Thieves!

After the shops close down, Lowkey, Ephraim, and Adrian spread out a bit and keep an eye out for possible robberies. Adrian hears the sound of what he assumes is breaking in and informs the others. Lowkey and Adrian try to sneak up from the front while Ephraim circles around to the back. On the way to the back alley of the shop, Ephraim has yet another encounter with the hooded figure from the Legion of the Blessed Shadow but this time he has a different mask. The hooded figure seems to know about Ephraim informing Raktapor about the kidnapping. After some time the hooded figure dissipates into the darkness again and Ephraim continues on to the back of the shop. Meanwhile, Lowkey slips and is seen by the guard outside of the stationery shop that he had gone to in the afternoon. Lowkey and Adrian engage in combat with the guard and knock him out. Lowkey tries to peek in side the store by opening the door a bit, forgetting about the bell attached to it he ends up alerting the people inside. A bandit comes up to the door and talks with Lowkey and tells him that he works there so an adventurer like him doesn’t need to patrol the stationery after which Adrian decides to run. The bandit notices him and tells Lowkey about him, Lowkey tells the bandit that it could be the thief and chases after him. After Lowkey ran away, the bandit sees the guard knocked out in front of the shop and chases after the two. He catches up to Lowkey and tells him to find the thief at all cost since the thief had knocked out the guard. Lowkey accepts his request and proceeds to “hunt down” the thief. As soon as the bandit chased after Lowkey and Adrian, Ephraim entered the stationery from the back and notices 5 ritual books kept on display and 3 of them emitting an aura. Ephraim sneaks up to the showcase and looks at the books and realizes that he can’t take any of them without making a lot of noise. Ephraim decides that this is not worth the risk and starts to make his escape but before he could turn around an arm tries to grab him by the neck but fails to do so allowing Ephraim to teleport outside of the shop and he runs away.

A flash of lightning appeared and he disappeared

After fleeing from the shop, Ephraim tries to look around to see if they could get any other quest but the shop he left behind still roamed in his mind. He felt uneasy and that’s when it hit him. The lock on the backdoor he entered through was broken. Sending a quick message to Adrian and Lowkey to ambush the shop at his command, Ephraim doubles back and heads over to the shop once again. When he enters the shop, again from the backdoor, he sees one of the bandits tending to the wounds of a guard and offers him help under the alias “The Traveler”. While Ephraim tries to stabilize the guard (and not wake him up), a flash of lightning appears from the ritual books’ showcase and the smashing of glass is heard. When Ephraim turns his head to see what it was, he catches sight of a man in robes, with a circle of sorts and an uroboros encircling it on his back, taking the ritual book that emitted the strongest aura and another flash of lightning appeared and the man was gone. The 3 bandits who were there huddled up and decided to dispose of “The Traveller”. When the 3 of them started walking up to Ephraim, he swiftly pressed “Send” and prepared to enter a fight. The 3 bandits were the first to initiate the fight but they were swiftly dealt with because of Lowkey’s and Adrian’s ambush.Deciding not to kill the bandits, Ephraim ties them all up and tries bartering with them. Ephraim offers them a proposition to leave their pasts behind and start fresh at the army which they refuse. After taking 500 gold from their loot, the 2 groups part ways. Ephraim, Lowkey, and Adrian head towards their inn to log off of the game. On the way there, Lowkey takes a detour to GS^2GA to tell Amanda about the “glitch/bug” he found which upon hearing Amanda tells him that it was his friends who had done that. Lowkey brushes this information aside and goes back to the inn to log off.

Cookies and Milk!
If you haven't tried it, I will force it onto you

Welcome to Dark Souls Online (DSO)

We begin the adventure with our adventurers, Keima, Blair, Daniel and Adnan, deciding to jump into DSO together on the 17th of June, 2045. But due to certain circumstances Adnan and Daniel were unable to join Keima and Blair. The latter two decide to jump into the game by themselves. They reach the center where they could dive into DSO and upon entering, they head to the General Store for General Stuff in the General Area (GS^2 GA) to buy equipment and weapons. While Ephraim(Keima) goes around and buys items that may be helpful to them, Lowkey(Blair) finds a Deva and approaches her asking for her help as he was “new” to the game. The Deva introduces herself as Amanda Seyfreid (Don’t judge me on the name), one of the Game Masters (GM) of the game, who provides Lowkey with information of a good place for an encounter, then also teaches him the game’s Friends & Parties functionality. Amanda then parts ways as she has work to do. Lowkey meets back up with Ephraim and tells him what he found out from Amanda. As they head towards the exit they see a huge, muscular guy, flipping a sign, shouting “Guides Here!” The shop that sold guides was manned by Amanda. They buy a guide (a red pixie) which turns out to be a rare type. After a few parting words, they both leave the store.

You haven’t had Cookies?

The adventurers, Ephraim and Lowkey, follow the hunting trail at the South-East to reach the encounter that Amanda had told them about. They find the ruins of Castle Worshimnat where they faced 4 Decrepit Skeletons. After the skeletons were taken care of, 3 Lizardfolk blocked their exit and started threatening them. Ephraim started conversing with the Lizardfolk, who had a really deep, growling voice, and asked them to at least try to talk properly without growling. The Lizards then put on an Australian accent and Ephraim congratulated them by giving them an imaginary cookie. The Lizards having never heard about cookies inquire Ephraim to explain what it is. Hearing this Ephraim asks the Lizards to put down their weapons so that he could make cookies for them. The Lizards agreed to this, settle down and have cookies and milk with the adventurers. After they finish, the Lizards reveal their intentions to stop fighting and start up a Bakery in Ephraim’s name. Ephraim and Lowkey take their leave, feeling happy to have introduced Cookies into the game.

Is this a date?

After the meeting with the Lizard Cookie Trio, Lowkey receives a message from Amanda, who seems pissed, asking him to buy her a drink for making her work her butt off trying to replicate Cookies into the game. Lowkey agrees and takes Amanda to Le Chateau de Complex for dinner. Lowkey borrows some fine clothes from Ephraim to impress Amanda. Amanda, on the other hand, wears a simple purple leather tunic with little golden floral embroidery on the stomach, purple silk gloves that covered her forearms, and plain black breeches over black leather boots. Lowkey picks her up from her shop and heads towards Le Chateau. Upon reaching the palace, Lowkey becomes the most gentlemanly gentleman ever to be gentle and takes the expensive seat on the roof of the place. They start talking about random stuff (you know the usual date shit), and order Ratatouille and Arbor Gold, to douse it down. They finish their dinner and head back and, since Amanda needed to go back to her workplace, Lowkey drops her off back at her shop. They part ways with Amanda giving Lowkey a peck on the cheeks.

What do you mean by we?

While Lowkey was trying to be lovey-dovey with Amanda, Ephraim finds himself alone and with nothing better to do. So he goes around exploring everything and keeping an eye out for any quests. As he was going around the shopping district, a hooded figure stops him and asks Ephraim for help. The hooded figure informs Ephraim that he was part of a group that accepted jobs of sorts and as they were short of available employees at the moment, he asked Ephraim to kidnap the Lieutenant Commander Raktapor Azreen and bring him to them. Ephraim asks the hooded figure the details of where to take the Lieutenant, how to contact him and the like. After Ephraim accepts the quest, Lowkey comes up shouting “Kei-kun! Kei-kun!” While Lowkey ran to where Ephraim was, the hooded figure said “Farewell, Drifter” and turned into mist, disappearing right before Ephraim’s eyes.


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