Worlds Intertwined

Is he alright?

I'm genuinely concerned


After logging off and getting out of their pods, Keima, Blair, and Daniel once again hit the floor the minute they’re hearts stop. JK. That was just some LP thing. Getting back on track, clears throat…. Keima, Blair, and Daniel fall to the ground yet again, feeling weak, after they get out of their pods only to be helped by the Mario lookalike to the table where they had food rich in carbs and energy drinks to help them rejuvenate yet again. They go home and just go to sleep as they were all dead tired and bored even after the energizers. The next day, a familiar face shows up after a week of absence, Minato Hatake. During recess, Minato accidentally hit Daniel a bit too hard and sent him flying across the roof. This feat was possible only because of Minato’s bionic left arm which he tells about to his friends. After school, the four misfits yet again head to the center to play DSO. This time they were given a room on the 4th floor, 402.

Meet my friends!


Ranchester_Talon Ranchester_Talon

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